12 Days of Christmas Craft Tutorials (Third Edition)

Are You Sick of Expensive, Store Bought Christmas Gifts that are Forgotten 5 Minutes after Seeing them?  Because,…

In Less than 12 Minutes from Now, You Can be Creating 12 Amazing Unique Christmas Craft Projects with Your Own Bare Hands


Hi Friends,

Christmas is right around the corner.  And will be here before you know it…

Are you going to spend a fortune on the same store bought decorations – and expensive boring gifts as everyone else?

Or, would you rather do something truly different this year?   Something your friends and family will remember all year long. Because…

In just a minute
, you are going to learn exactly how you can.  While saving money and creating special bonding moments with your kids, friends, siblings or spouse.


My name is Jinky, the Founder and Chief Creative Engineer at Jinky’s Crafts.  I make unique 3 dimensional invitations, party favors and other items for all types of parties and events.  And ship them all over the world.  But, more about that in a moment…

First, I want to tell you how – even if you are busy with a million other things – and regardless of your experience level, you can make some of the most unique Christmas craft items you have ever seen… And you can turn 12 different craft projects into hundreds of different unique versions.

Introducing, the 3rd Edition of Jinky’s Crafts Ultimate 12 Days of Christmas Crafts Book!
Christmas Craft Ebook 3rdEdition

That’s right; this is the third edition of our hugely popular Christmas craft series.  The popularity of our first 2 practically forced us to put out a new one…

These are 12 brand new Christmas craft projects that you can use as gifts or as decorations in your own home.  They are the type of projects that will have your friends and family telling everyone how talented you are.

And the best part…  You are actually going to save money doing it.

Have you seen the price of off the shelf craft, gift, and decor items?


Stop paying for expensive, boring off the shelf gifts and decor!

Just today, I was wandering down the aisles of a local store.  Can you believe the prices of Christmas gifts and decorations?  It’s criminal.

In fact, it made me downright angry.

  • A plain, ordinary, boring, flat, card costs over $8.95.
  • And the simplest Christmas decoration starts at $19.95.  And they go up from there…
  • Plus, I know I saw the exact same thing in my friend’s living room last year.

You know the feeling, I’m sure you feel the same way.

Times are tough.  Many people have lost their jobs, and you have to watch every cent you spend.

Plus, like most people, I’ll bet you can remember a time when you spent your hard earned money on a Christmas gift.  And then were devastated to find someone else gave the exact same gift?

I can imagine how you must have felt.  And how you must feel now as you are remembering it…

Imagine the Look on Your Friends and Families Faces When they See these 12 Amazing Christmas Craft Projects You Made By Yourself

 Christmas Box Candy Place Card


In just a few minutes from now, once you have downloaded the Ultimate 12 Days of Christmas Crafts eBook, you can kiss those feelings good bye.

Never again will you have to worry about giving the same gift as someone else…  Because you will know that the gifts you give are one of a kind.  And will be remembered.

Never again will you have the sinking feeling of dropping ten bucks on card that you know will just end up in the trash because it is exactly the same as someone else’s store bought junk.

You can go forward, knowing, that when you throw a party, your guests will be commenting about your unique Christmas items.  And when they found out you made them yourself, well…  Just imagine the pride you’re going to feel.

Projects Like

•    Pocket Gift Box
•    Christmas Candy Treat Box
•    Christmas Explosion Box in a Box
•    DIY Felt Goody Bag
•    DIY Cone Christmas Tree with Fabric Flowers
•    File Folder Organizer With Drawer
•    Christmas Tote Bag
•    Christmas Felt Rosette Wreath
•    Surprise Box Christmas Ornament
•    Christmas Window Bag
•    Christmas Treats in a Can
•    Dangling Ornament Magic Box


You Can Do This!

Christmas Felt Rosette Wreath


By now, you might be wondering if you will be able to make these crafts…

Maybe you are thinking that you don’t have any experience.

I’m telling you right now, I know you can do this.  I know because my Christmas craft book is more than just a set of general craft ideas.

Each project is broken down into step by step instructions that anyone can follow.

They include measurements, instructions, alternate design ideas and more.

Full Color Photographs

Craft projects in progress


Plus, accompanying each step there are full color photographs.

Not lousy black and white line drawings like some of the other craft books that I have seen….

With these color photographs, there will be no question that you are following the technique accurately.  You will learn exactly what your project should look like.  At the step you are at.

But, it gets even better. ..

Printable Templates

Each tutorial, when it is helpful, comes complete with printable templates.

No more worrying about figuring out complex measurements or angles.  Just print out our detailed templates, and then cut or fold on the lines.

It’s Easy for all Skill Levels

Surprise Box Christmas Ornament

Look, it really is that simple, but you don’t have to believe me.  Just look at what a couple of our other customers have been able to create from our past books.

These images come from happy Crafters just like you, who were gracious enough to send us pictures of their completed masterpieces.


Santa Pants Christmas Project Picture


And for you experienced Crafters, we haven’t forgotten about you…

Here’s the thing… I am a full time Crafter and Designer.  I ship invitations, party favors and other craft items all over the world for 18th Birthdays, Bat Mitzfas, Sweet 16’s, Quinceañeras, Weddings and other events.   I do this all day, every day…

I spend hours looking for and creating different craft ideas, so you don’t have to.

Regardless of your past crafting experience, the Ultimate 12 days of Christmas Crafts book is sure to give you inspiration for some projects you have never thought of.

Time is Running Out To Showcase the most Unique Christmas Decorations and Crafts You have Ever Seen

So, how much all of this is going to cost…?

I assure you, there is no more cost-effective way to get started on so many unique gifts and Christmas decorations for your home.

I sell a number of “single” tutorials on my website and in my Etsy shop.  These get snapped up like crazy for a minimum of $4.99 each.  They really are a steal at that price and I keep getting told to raise my prices.

That means – for these 12 projects – you would pay $59.88.  And that’s based on my lowest priced tutorials.

So, as a bundle, it would be more than fair to sell the book for $39.00.  This would still be a $20.00 discount…

But, you are not going to pay $39.00 or even $29.00.

Save Money This Christmas Season While Showing Off the Most Unique Christmas Decorations and Gifts Your Family Has Ever Seen

Cone Christmas Tree


Remember, this isn’t some rehashed rewrite of our last 2 successful Christmas craft books, and these tutorials are not sold anywhere else.

They come complete with step by step instructions, color photographs and printable templates.

They are packed with ideas on other finishing techniques, tactics and more that you can carry over into future craft projects for any event.  Once you learn these skills you can use them for birthdays, Easter, Halloween or any other date.

And you can have it all for the amazing low price of only $16.95!


Yes, I’m Serious!

That’s right, all 12 projects, complete with everything you need, for only $1.41 / tutorial.

That’s over 71% off the regular cost of purchasing them separately.  If they were even available.

But, even more important than the money you save, is the feeling of pride you’ll feel when you give away and show off your new creations.

Trust me when I tell you the feeling you will get brings joy that can last all year long.

Iron Clad Guarantee

I am so convinced that you will absolutely love your book, that I am giving you this iron clad money back guarantee just to try it out.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Try the product for 30 days,and if you’re not completely satisfied just send me an email and Ill send you a refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose and all the risk is on me!

And, the great news is, you can get started in just a few minutes from now.

Even if it is 3:00 in the morning, you can be getting started on your first craft project in less than 12 minutes.  Just fill out the form below to get started immediately.


Yes! I am going to jump at this chance to save money and show my friends and family that I love them with these unique hand made crafts. Made with my very own hands.

Please send me my download, including my:

Ultimate 12 Days of Christmas Crafts Book 3rd Edition Small Transparent

  • Step By Step Tutorials

  • Full Color Photographs

  • Printable Templates

  • Email Support

  • All for the Incredible low price of $16.95!

I am able to get started right away.  Even if it is the middle of the night.






P.S.  I almost forget to mention, I am throwing in 2 more tutorials each valued at over $5.00 absolutely FREE.  So you are actually getting 14 brand new tutorials, all with full Step by Step instructions, for this extremely low price. Fill out the form above, and get started right away…

And remember to send me your pictures :-).


P.P.S.  I am 100% convinced that you will love your new crafts, and you will find the tutorials easy to follow and complete.

But, if you ever have any questions, I am only an email away and would be glad to help.  I would never leave you in the dark if you are confused about anything.


P.P.P.S.  You have nothing to lose by giving the Ultimate 12 Days of Christmas Crafts Book a try.  It is backed by our 100% – 30 day money back guarantee.  If for any reason you do not love your eBook, just email us and let us know.  We will issue a prompt refund, and you can keep your book as a gift from us.

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