12 Days of Christmas Craft Tutorials (Second Edition)

Have You Gotten Your Copy of the Hottest Christmas Craft Book of 2011?

Yes, YOU can learn how to make hundreds of variations of these 12 exciting craft
projects and give them away as gifts this year!  All projects are 100% new
for the 2011 edition!

Dear Fellow Crafter,

Merry Christmas!  My name is Jinky Kowalski.  I am an avid Scrapbooker, Card Maker and Designer, who specializes in 3D projects that are functional, beautiful and inspiring.

If you are like most people, one thing will stand out as you take a moment to remember every gift that you have ever received.

Most people, and let’s face it, don’t you feel the same, will always remember the handmade gifts they receive.  These are the gifts that will stick out to your family and friends and they will remember for years to come.

But sometimes, even for expert crafters, coming up with new ideas can be difficult.  I know I spend hours and hours trying to come up with or find new and unique creations.

And for people who are brand new to crafts, this can seem even more difficult.

But, here is your opportunity to move past all of that!

Now you have the chance to learn how to make 12 different, unique craft projects.

And turn those into hundreds of different gifts that will demonstrate the love you feel for your family and friends.


Introducing the 2011 Edition of Ultimate 12 Days of Christmas Handmade Christmas Craft Tutorials

This is not some re-hashing of the 2010 Edition.  This is 12, competely new, exciting craft ideas.  If you have followed me at all over the last couple of years, you know that I am constantly pushing the
envelope and learning / creating new craft techniques and projects.  And this e-book is no exception.

This ALL NEW e-book contains a selection of 12 separate projects.  Projects like exploding boxes, drawer boxes and much more.

After learning the steps and procedures, you will be able to create hundreds of different craft items.  And not just for Christmas, but birthdays, quincenara’s, weddings, new babies and more.

For each of the 12 projects, we will guide you step by step, through each new procedure on the way to your new creation.  And, these projects come with everything you need from the step by step instructions, to printable templates, and folding and cutting guides.

It doesn’t matter at all, if you have never made a paper craft project in your life, or if you are an expert in 3d card making.

You will quickly pick up our instructions, and start creating your gifts that will be displayed proudly by everyone you give them to.

Gifts like:

  • Tri-Fold Gift Box
  • Christmas Window Gift Box
  • Fabric Flower Chocolate Bouquet
  • Window Christmas Tote Bag
  • Cupcake Exploding Purse
  • 3-in-1 Christmas Treat Bag, Box and Card
  • Christmas Treat Bag & Drawer Box
  • Christmas Ribbon Headband
  • Pop-Up Gift Card Holder
  • Santa Pants Treat Box with Drawers
  • Felt Kindle Case
  • Multi-Purpose Chair Box

Order Christmas Cards


These projects include everything you need to be creating Christmas craft projects quickly and easily, starting right away:

  • Step by Step Instructions!

We walk you through every cut, fold, embellishment and more

  • Printable Templates!

Print out templates you can use to guide you through advance cutting and folding techniques

  • Alternative finishes!
Each craft has a multitude of different possibilities to make your project unique and one of a kind

Here are some frequently asked questions I get:

Who is this tutorial good for?

This tutorial will be effective for anyone who wants to make beautiful crafts to give to their friends, relatives, coworkers, neighbors or anyone else.  It doesn’t matter if you are a expert or a newbie in the paper crafts world, you will absolutely enjoy this book.

Can I do this if I have no crafting experience?

Absolutely!  These step by step instructions and tutorials will have you making crafts you never thought possible, in no time at all.

I have been crafting for a while, is this too basic for me?

Probably not!  I am what you would consider a crafting expert, and I still spent hours and hours researching these craft projects.  Some you may find easier than others, but this will save you hours of research trying to find tutorials and templates..

What if I can’t figure something out?

These step by step instructions and printable templates make these Christmas craft’s extremely easy to do, and every step is described in detail with printable templates, cutting and folding directions and more.  But, if you ever have a problem, I am available by e-mail to help in any way that I can.

So How Much is All this Going to Cost?

I normally sell my templates and tutorials for $4.95 -$8.95 each or more in my store and on Etsy.  They sell at that price everyday, and I am told that is way to cheap.  This book has 12 full tutorials, meaning it is easily worth  $59.40+.  A compilation price of $49.95 would be an awesome deal for all of the 12 tutorials in this book.

Remember, this isn’t just a craft book, it includes printable templates, step by step instructions and more.

In fact, it is an absolute steal at $34.95.

Because I want to give serious great value, and seriously over deliver, $19.95 feels like a price that there is no way that you could even consider saying no to.   This year, we seriously considered selling for this price.

But,  I want to give you a special Christmas gift.  So, for a limited time, I am offering the second edition of the 12 Days of Hand Made Christmas Craft Tutorials, complete with step by step instructions and printable templates, and e-mail support for the tiny price only $16.95.

Thats less than $1.42 / tutorial.  Heck, thats over 70% off the price of our cheapest tutorial.  And most of the tutorials in this book would sell much more than that.  This is an incredible deal folks!

Just imagine yourself downloading these step by step instructions.  It might even be 3:00 in the morning, in just a couple minutes from now, you will be working on your very first Christmas craft project.

Yes!  I Want to Take this Opportunity to Absolutely Thrill My Friends and Family With these Custom Christmas Crafts this year.

Please send me the immediate download:

Ultimate 12 Days of Christmas Craft Tutorials

    • Step By Step Instructions
    • Completed and In Progress Pictures
    • A Variety of Finishes
    • Printable Templates
    • Support By E-Mail if you need it


P.S. I know you will absolutely love this compilation of crafts!  If you ever have any questions, I am here to help.

P.P.S. I don’t know how long I will continue offering this set at the low price of only $16.95.  Eventually I may have to listen to my husband who is telling me to list it for much more.

P.P.P.S.  What other e-book gives you the chance create so many different craft products for your loved ones, all in time for Christmas.  And you can start right away, even if it is 3:00 in the morning.


Leave us a comment below!  What are your Christmas craft goals this year?

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