This will be a quick post because we are rushing to create a set of 160 Quinceañera Hollywood Themed Invitations. Our client originally wanted 100 but increased her order to 160 so we are working at full speed without compromising the quality of our unique invitations.


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I also wanted to quickly post about our client who emailed me the other day showing me her finished DIY Quinceanera Invitations. She is really proud + happy that she finished the Quinceanera Exploding Box Invitation DIY KIT herself. I have to say, she really did a great job in doing the assembly. These are the photos she sent.

Client's DIY KIT Assembly Photo

Client’s Exploding Box Invitation DIY KIT Assembly Photo

Quinceanera Invitation DIY Kit

Client’s Exploding Box Invitation DIY KIT Assembly

She was very happy with our service and grateful for our help.

We make it easy for Quinceañeras and brides to recreate our Exploding Box with 3-Tier Cake Invitation using our  DIY Kits. We send you all the pre-cut and pre-scored parts. All you need to do is glue and put them together. We provide instructions and online help in your assembly process. Choose from our current collection or we can collaborate with any custom design you want. Quinceañera DIY Kits or DIY Wedding Invitation Kits are a great way to come up with extraordinary invitations on a budget!

Butterfly Themed Invitations

Butterfly Themed Quinceanera Exploding Box Invitation


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Awesome! Your vision board is on the way. Go check your email.

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